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Vending Portfolio

I'm professional artist with years of vending experience.

You're making the right decision to consider working with me!

Over the years I've built quite a repertoire with my clientele. My work is often noted for its vibrancy, consistent quality, and timely delivery. While commissions tend to be my most popular and sought after selection, I have no shortage of merchandise that meets my standard and work ethic. Below I have attached some wonderful examples of my work.

Everyone who visits my table is greeted by my professionally trained assistants, with myself present at all vending events. I've done several events over the years, including a Guest of Honor appearance at one of the largest furry conventions in the United States, Texas Furry Fiesta.

While I run a professional illustration company, my passion is first and foremost the furry community. I love doing anthropomorphic work and am happy to make it such a high volume of my clientele, averaging several hundred commissions a year in the furry community alone! I've been working with the furry community doing freelance work, full time, as early as 2009.

I'm looking forward to vending at your convention, and hope you consider allowing me to bring a little pink flare to your event!

If you'd like to contact me with any questions, or invite me to sell at your show, please feel free to reach out to any time via my business Telegram or Email:


Pins & Buttons

Lanyards, Badges, & Fursuits

Custom Artwork

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