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Working with PinkGatorPress

By Commissioning PinkGatorPress you are agreeing to the following:

I have the right to showcase and distribute any artwork I have created in any way that I like.

This includes and is not limited the use of commissioned work in portfolios, galleries, prints, etc.
I may refuse any commission at any time, whether the client has paid or not.
If the client has made payment they will receive a full refund.


The client is welcome to redistribute or modify their own commission however they like, so long as the work is not used for profit.

If the client would like to use their work for profit, they will need to purchase business & sales rights from me.
The client does not need my permission to redistribute their commissioned work for non-profit purposes.

Client is agreeing that they are at least of 18 years of age when doing business with me.



Making Payment and Refund Policy:

Full payment is due at the time of ordering your commission. 

Otherwise, I hold the right to cancel or delay completion. Once the client has made payment on a commission, they may NOT request a refund within my two month delivery window. If the client has approved of the finished work, the contract is closed and a refund is no longer available.


Should the artist fail to meet our two month turn around for finished work, you are entitled to a refund if requested.

Failure on behalf of the client to meet their own financial obligations is not a legitimate cause for a refund.



Reposted Artwork Policy:

If you are a commissioner you are welcome to do display the work you have commissioned however you'd like.
If it is not
your commissioned work, you have absolutely no rights to any of my work. 

If I find that you are making a profit off of my work, I will not hesitate to take legal action.

Sharing my work without giving credit is stealing, and I will file take-down notices to remove stolen artwork.

Using my artwork for NFTs is in violation of my terms of service.

Using my artwork in AI generated software is a violation of my terms of service.

I do not authorize any parties, client or otherwise to use my work for NFT or AI purposes.

Policy on Requesting Revisions on Commissioned Work:

I allow for three corrections included with your commission quote. Anything after that will incur a fee per revision.

When the client approves of work on a commission, I will progress as instructed.

Should the client request a correction on any part of the commission that was already approved, I will charge per revision. Price may vary depending on complexity of revision.

If the client does not agree to pay for the requested changes, I will proceed and complete the image as originally instructed, without

any of the requested changes.


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