Commissioning Caribouquet

If interested in a commission,

please contact me through Telegram! 

You may also email me if you prefer:

Want something you don't see listed below? I'm open to discuss!

Preferred Content

  • women

  • wlw | lesbian content

  • furries

  • chubby/fat bodies

  • canines

  • deer

  • horses​

  • pet play

  • cute outfits

  • light BSDM

  • feminine body types

Unacceptable Content

  • rape | nonconsensual

  • feces

  • vomit

  • hyper

  • excessive blood | violence

  • realistic gore

  • torture

  • soiled diapers

  • death | murder

  • political commentary

  • complex mech

  • sexualized minors

Flat Colour Pinups

Starting at $40. A flat coloured full body simple pinup of your character. SINGLE CHARACTER ONLY. Simple gradient background included in price. Simple props permitted but more complex props incur fees. SFW and NSFW themes permitted.

Complexity of character design may increase price.

Shaded Pinups

Starting at $60. A flat coloured and shaded full bodied pinup of your character. The price is per character. Simple props permitted but more complex props incur fees. SFW and NSFW themes permitted. Complexity of character design may increase price.

Foodie Doodles

Starting at $75. A highly detailed and rendered food-themed piece featuring your character. The character included will be shaded. The amount of detail or volume of food may incur a fee. 

Telegram Stickers

Starting at $20 per sticker. Stickers are thigh-up and very simplified. The additions of props, multiple characters, or full bodies are quoted individually. The formatting of the sticker and sticker pack is done for you.

Reference Sheets

Reference sheets are priced per image.

Options include:

- $45 per full body image
- $25 for the design fee (If you don't have a character, work with me to help you create one!)
- $25 for ~ 5 items
- $10 per chibi


detail images, complexity designs, or symmetrical images available at a fee. Inquire for a quote.